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    How to win at the casino playing baccarat - Blackbelt Baccarat shows you the strategy for winning baccarat

The Ultimate Baccarat System

Tired of losing money at the casinos' Baccarat table? Frustrated, because you purchased a Baccarat system that doesn't work for you? Look no further. 

With Blackbelt Baccarat you will have an Amazing and Unique Baccarat System that is:

  • Simple to learn and has the lowest casino edge of any game
  • Has never been published
  • Is unknown to the casinos
  • Generates maximum profits
  • Six winning Baccarat playing & betting methods
  • Play & win live or online

The pattern in a shoe will change on average of 24 times. We win on all streaks, chops, and two's.


  Has a 97% win rate – Why?


Because we calculate what it is going to do next, not what it has already done! Emotions fail, calculations prevail.

Knowing how the Baccarat game works provided me with the knowledge to test methods based on mathematics.

My team averages 10 to 20 wins per shoe (4 – 5 shoes) on a daily basis, playing $30 units. Do the math it's a lot of money. And I will personally teach you how to do the same.

Where else can you start a business for under $500 that will make you $300 – $1000 per day and pay you in CASH?


This is the best investment in Gaming today!


Baccarat Strategy for winning at the Casinos in Las Vegas - Tony Leo's proven methods and strategy for how to win at Baccarat.

There are a lot of "Winning" BACCARAT systems out there for sale. Most make no sense. BLACKBELT BACCARAT has been tested over 1000 shoes both live and online and has never failed to show a profit in any 30 day period. In fact BLACKBELT BACCARAT went through the ZUMMA'S tester book like a knife through butter, netting $74,475 after losses, needless to say the results were fantastic using our WINNING BACCARAT system.



Baccarat (Pronounced: Baa-caa-rah)

The game of Baccarat is very easy to play; in fact, the only decision you make is how much to bet and which hand to bet on. Those participating in the game place a wager for either the Banker’s hand to win or the Player’s hand to win at Baccarat.

The object of the game of Baccarat, which is played strictly according to the rules outlined here, is to come closest to a total of 9. There are no options, no decision. Tens and picture cards, and any combination of cards totaling 10, count nothing. Ace is counted one, deuce is two, etc. The last digit of the card total determines the hand value. For instance, 9 and 9 total 18; therefore, the hand value is 8. The game is played with 8 decks of cards. The cards are shuffled and placed in a box called a “shoe”. The cards are dealt from the “shoe”. Two hands of two cards each are dealt – the first hand is to players and the other to the Banker’s. Depending on the values of each hand, the rules may require that either hand or both hands draw a third card. If no further cards are required, the dealer will declare a winner. If a third card is required for either or both hands, the dealer calls for it, face up, and declares a winner. Again, only the last digit of the total counts. In case of a tie, the hand is replayed. You may bet on a tie hand. The bet must be declared in advance in Baccarat.

Bets are paid even money, but a 5% commission is charged on winning bets for the Banker’s hand. A bet win on a tie hand pays 9 for 1. Wagers made by Baccarat players are the largest of any casino game, which further heightens the excitement of winning Baccarat.



Take your game to the next level and watch your profits sore!


Only if you are serious, you can call me direct at: (702) 873-5425