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Crush the Casinos with Winning Craps



Tony Leo's Winning Craps Methods are powerful, yet simple to learn. They are powerful in the sense that they will enable you to win nine out of ten player sessions. You can make $100.00 to $1,000.00 per day and enjoy the freedom and independence known to very few individuals in this day and time.

Winning Craps Strategy - how to win at craps in the casino
People with a lot of money and a little skill flock to the casino CRAPS tables more than willing to take a sporting risk on what could be a very lucrative proposition. The casino craps table attracts a lot of people with the yelling and the high-5's of the players. Most drop their bankroll in a very short time.


CRAPS can be beaten, but understand this very important point: 90% of all CRAPS players in the casino lose money even though it offers the player the lowest casino edge.

It's terrible to watch as people are yelling with enthusiasm, high-5'ing their friends, drinking and having fun; only to walk away from the craps table a short time later complaining of their bad luck and lost bankroll.

The keys to Tony Leo’s Winning Craps methods, strategy and success are:

  • Knowledge of the craps game
  • Knowing how to bet
  • Strict money management
  • Discipline


Tony Leo's Craps Strategy for winning craps at the casino

These craps methods combined together with sound money management will make you a consistent winner at the casino. You will learn the same strategy that the Gaming Pro plays and will consistently win 10-40 units per hour at the craps table.

Winning Craps has been tested on: combined database, actual rolls of the dice, and on the Internet. You will see for yourself the power of Tony Leo craps methods, and will be armed with the knowledge before wagering a single dollar on the craps table in the casino.




There is a big difference between simply playing CRAPS and consistently winning at CRAPS


I will teach you in a single day everything you need to know about Winning Craps. We will go through the craps strategy together step-by-step, until you have mastered the systems. As well as learning my methods, we will also be covering numerous other related subjects. Some of the topics we will cover will include:

  • Super strategy's for both the do side and the don't side of craps
  • Knowledge of which crap bets to make and which to avoid
  • The "SECRET" to low risk while winning $100 to $1,000 per day
  • Knowledge of the odds and probabilities on the craps table
  • Win and Lose limits – 4 wins for every 1 loss
  • How to get Casino Comp's and VIP Treatment
  • Money management techniques
  • Exploit casino situations that favor the player
  • How to win $100 – $300 per hour on the Internet!
  • Six Award winning methods to win (not just one)


The fee for the entire course is $499.00. It includes your textbook and all drills, exercises, and other valuable information, your open line to me and our visit in Las Vegas. There are no hidden charges. No matter how long you might study with me, or how many times you may wish to consult me in the future, you never pay me another dime for this course.


I know that you will not find a better crap system for sale anywhere that will do what my methods do. Most students win the $499.00 back their first visit to the Casino. After playing for a while and moving up to the higher betting limit tables, they look back at the $499.00 as the best investment they ever made.


Also, I am the ONLY one who offers a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!


Craps strategy for winning at the casino craps tableCraps is a totally random, non-dependent, negative expectancy game of chance.  Which means the casino knows over the long haul they have the mathematical advantage over the player.  Theoretically, if a player gambles continuously for weeks, months, and years, his bankroll is destined to ruin by the casino’s build in win advantage or “vigorous.”  However, as an intelligent, knowledgeable, and disciplined craps player, things are not as forbidding as the mathematicians would lead one to believe.  First, the craps player will not be playing continuously 24 hours per day every day.  He will limit his time and capital exposure, then use his methods to maximize his chance to capture a profitable trend in the ebb and flow of craps decisions.  Always, the player will employ smart money management to conserve and protect his bankroll against adverse trends in the game.  Realistically, with my winning craps methods you should experience many trips to the casino with profitable results.

One reason casinos have thrived in the past 25 years is mainly because of the tremendous publicity given to gambling systems.  People with a lot of money and a little skill flock to the CRAPS tables more than willing to take a sporting risk on what could be a very lucrative proposition.  CRAPS attracts a lot of people with the yelling of players, and the high-5’s of the players.  Most drop their bankroll in a very short time.

Make no mistake about it.  These players who consistently lose at CRAPS are absolutely necessary to your success and survival.  They provide the enormous profits to the casino that keep the game of CRAPS alive.  It is their money that you take away with you from the tables.

Your greatest asset in learning to use and to profit from this system must be discipline.  At all times your play must be DISCIPLINED, in line with the instructions presented.  Remember that when you go to the tables the casino has their particular attitude or goal, which is to relieve you of your money as quickly as possible.  Now that you have the knowledge and the skills to beat them you must maintain an attitude of unwavering confidence.  If you know you will win, YOU WILL WIN!

To become a winning CRAPS player you must learn slowly and thoroughly.  There is no other way.  You must follow the rules to the letter.  The time will come when you will play winning CRAPS like a professional, and you will truly have a solid, guaranteed income whether you play on a full-time or part-time level.