Gambling Business Opportunity

What would your confidence level be if I walked you through the entire gambling process step-by-step and you made money?

Become a method gambler and advantage player

Winning New Age Blackjack
For The Player That Wants More

6 hours of personal instruction and live casino play on how to win by Blackjack expert Tony Leo who played on one of the most successful Blackjack teams in the 1980's. Come to the "Gaming Pro's" office and see for yourself how powerful my methods are. This is a rare opportunity to put the odds in your favor permanently.

  • Comes with 30 page study manual
  • 1 on 1 training with "The GAMING PRO"
  • Unlimited Training and Support

All For Only $1179

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Winning Craps 1 on 1
For The Novice or The Experienced Craps Player

This is the definite quick fix to become an instant winner at the craps table. You get the "Gaming Pro" for the day. If you want personalized instructions, this is it! It’s like spending the day with Warren Buffet in the business world. This is 6 hours personalized class just for you. You’ll start at he "Gaming Pro’s" office for practice and strategy and will cover: 6 Award Winning Methods. You’ll also learn Advantage Dice Control with instructional DVD (this alone is worth the price of the program). All betting strategies, the awesome Super 7 Hop System, and Money Management. You will receive the complete winning Craps and Advantage Dice Control manual and unlimited consultation. You will see the methods work before your eyes, and will be armed with this knowledge before you bet $1.00 of your own money. After all this we will go to the casinos for live play and go to work! We will both play, and once we reach our goal of 15% to 20% of our session bankroll we’ll quit have dinner and relax.


Unbelievable Opportunity for only $1179

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This is a True "Gambling Business Opportunity"

Take a journey with me into a world where financial freedom is more than just a dream. Copy my formula and tap into another income stream you never had, completely anonymous and all cash. Walk with me through the casino’s as we strategically strike and dominate Baccarat and Roulette.

The Benefits of "POWER STRIKE"

  • Easy to learn – unique business plan guarantees your success
  • Play Baccarat and Roulette at the same time and be in and out of the casino in less than 2 hours
  • Eight proven winning methods of play and IT’S ALL CASH
  • Operate at any money level
  • Learn the mental part of gambling
  • "Free" POWER STRIKE workshop in Las Vegas
  • Continuous training and support

This is Better Than Stocks, Forex and MLM - Don't Procrastinate!

Only $1179

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Strategic Partnership
This is a True "Gambling Business Opportunity"

Relax and let the "Gaming Pro" guide you’re every move at the tables. Some people prefer to relax and enjoy their time in the casinos while letting me do the work. Maybe you don’t want to spend any time learning or practicing card counting, or the craps table intimidates you, but you do want to play with the odds in your favor. I’ll make it easy for you. You bring the bankroll and let the “Gaming Pro” go to work, and split the profits 50/50. This can be a one-time partnership for just one night or become ongoing for years to come. Contact me if you are interested.

If you have had it with conventional investments, low rates of return, and like to be paid in HARD CASH, lets meet!

YOU DESERVE THIS! Call Me Today! 702-873-5425

Hear what many satisified customers have to say:

  • Ray, Las Vegas, NV
    Awesome, after the workshop 4 of us pooled our money together and won. Playing Power Strike for only 2 hours. We split $2700 ($675 each). What a learning experience. Tony is at the top of his class. He knows how to play, and he knows how to teach. Thanks again
    Ray, Las Vegas, NV
  • Carmen, Hartford, CT
    I just wanted to say thanks so much for all your help. You are the most transparent gambling guru I’ve ever met. Who else would invite you to their home or meet me at the casino? I really appreciate your kindness, and your business savvy. It is very refreshing to deal with people that have integrity.
    Carmen, Hartford, CT
  • Milan, TN
    Tony, you are the man. I have been to a lot of gambling seminars over the years, but nothing like your Power Strike. What can I say except “Awesome” I love the way you think outside of the box, working the electronic score boards the way we did was unbelievable. In and out with a profit every time. Your Roulette and Baccarat methods are the best I’ve ever seen and I’ve played most of them with no success until I met you. Thank you so much, the experience was priceless.
    Milan, TN
  • Margaret - Reno, NV
    I truly enjoyed your seminar. We went to Las Vegas the week after and I won $400 in a 3-hour period, playing only $5 – 10 a hand. That equals over $100 per hour. Not bad for a beginner.
    Margaret - Reno, NV
  • Jeff - Detroit, MI
    I've been playing craps for six years and finally I've found a method that works. Forget about social security, I'll stay with your craps method as a retirement plan.
    Jeff - Detroit, MI
  • Robert - Detroit, MI
    I am winning almost $800 a week playing part time. I am really enjoying myself.
    Robert - Detroit, MI
  • Keith - Charlotte, North Carolina
    Playing at the $5 tables using 3 methods I made $640 in two days at the Taj Mahal in Atlantic.
    Keith - Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Carl - New Jersey
    I am now making $1000 a day with your crap method.
    Carl - New Jersey
  • Rick - Tampa Bay, FL

    Your CD/Home Study program is the critical factor I needed to help me over the top. I feel as though you and I are friends, even though we've never met. You are THE MAN. You really do know what you're talking about.

    Rick - Tampa Bay, FL
  • I've been playing Roulette for 10 years and up to now have been getting totally destroyed. Your method is the best way I've ever seen to play Roulette.

  • Sam - Irvine, CA

    I had a trip to Las Vegas during week March 25th. I came home with another 50 units, for 3 day of play. The total I've won in my last four trips comes to $8,850. Needless to say, I am very pleased.

    Sam - Irvine, CA
  • Nick - Las Vegas, NV
    Since taking your blackjack course, I have won over $28,000. It was the best investment I could have ever made.
    Nick - Las Vegas, NV
  • Greg - Anaheim, CA
    Tony Leo's winning craps is better and much easier than anything else I've tried. I am playing exclusively on Internet casinos with $5 units and have a profit of $1800 in just about two weeks. I am about ready to move up to $10 units. My goal has been to make $100 per day, and I'm doing it.
    Greg - Anaheim, CA
  • Joe - New York
    No more stocks ever again. Casino Arbitrage is much easier, has less risk, and makes me money everyday. Thank you so much.
    Joe - New York
  • Tony I love it . Just like you said, $100.00 before breakfast, thanks.


  • Howard - Omaha, NE

    Tony, I have been playing blackbelt baccarat for over a month. I started at the $10 level. I’m now playing at the $25-$50 level. I’m averaging 13 units per shoe and plan on going to $100 units in the next week or so. Thank you so much.

    Howard - Omaha, NE
  •  Ken - Pittsburgh, PA
    Casino Arbitrage is the easiest and best money making strategy I have ever seen. I work 3 hours a day and bring in $1000-$2000 every week. Life’s good!
    Ken - Pittsburgh, PA