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The highest profit Craps methodology ever created! Dare to Compare…

What if you could walk up to the Crap’s table knowing that you have the advantage. You pick up the dice and throw number after number without throwing a seven! Or what if you knew you could roll a field number 2 out of every 3 rolls? Could you make a small fortune? Or a hop bet that pays 15 or 30 to 1 that you will be able to roll over and over again.

Well Now You Can!

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Advantage Dice Control (ADC) was founded and created by me, Tony Leo, in the year 2002, and has set the stage for the way Craps is played today. I have thousands of students across the country who use ADC and win!

I was the first to introduce and create the winning formulas within Advantage Dice Control to become a “Consistent Craps Winner”.

Formula #1

I set the dice, gripped the dice, and tossed the dice to go off axis and win consistently. Everyone thought and a lot of players still think that your dice have to stay on axis to win. That’s false. In the year 2002, I formulated my plan and goal to earn $100,000 per year. I used two dice sets, “the hard way set” and “all seven set” and followed the guidelines I have set within the ADC system. I worked my plan from 2002 to 2012 and earned over 1 million dollars in that period, with only two dice sets and throwing for off axis results. I have posted the exact plan I followed on many of the Craps forums. Today we use 8 different dice sets for both on axis and off axis results. ADC has now reached its highest and fullest potential and has evolved into the “complete winning Craps process”.

Formula #2

I also introduced “Winning with the short game”, always stressing that you don’t need long rolls to win. Even today, most shooters are looking for the long rolls. With ADC, it’s not as important if you follow the winning formulas. If you can roll 2, 3, 4, times consistently, you can earn a small fortune. The casinos have no defense against the short game.

Formula #3

Next was a game changer for everyone when I introduced the “Power of Multiple wins” which gets you out of the casino quicker with more profits. This is accomplished by being able to throw more than the average number of field bets and hop bets. Hence, the Super 7-Hop System (the icing on the cake).

Formula #4


The ability to win as you go through the process of winning, will be fine-tuned with the ability to read your rolls, signature numbers, and you dominate momentum which sets up your presses with accuracy. You will recognize the trend in the moment, then bet into your advantage based on what you’re rolling right now. That’s Advantage Dice Control. Welcome to Craps heaven.

I don’t just teach you how to shoot, I show you how to win! – Nobody does what we do

You will learn my unique methods of play, combined with my betting strategies. This will change your approach to dice setting forever. You will learn what the others don’t know. It is not enough just knowing how to play or how to shoot, I will teach you the “why” along with the “how”, to be a “Consistent Winner”. Also, we don’t use or need any gadgets or software to overcome the house edge, that’s what we do already. It’s built into our “process” to become a professional and “Consistent Winner”. Remember – luck comes and goes; knowledge stays forever. I’ll hold nothing back, and you will see everything work with your own eyes. How much would you pay to have an income for life? You will learn the “Complete Winning Process”. You won’t find what I do in any book anywhere or on YouTube. Not only that, but you will have longer rolls, multiple wins, and be out of the casino quicker with profits.

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