My Personal Playing Plan

I have committed myself to playing Craps, Blackjack, and Sports Betting. Why? Because they all involve playing with “The Human Factor” which is our “Ace in the hole” and gives us a “BIG” advantage.

Human factors are the application of principles, processes, and systems with the primary goal to reduce human error and increase profits.

Playing Blackjack, we count cards which guides us in the probability of the next card, a small card or big card. Now we can base our bet amount on that probability. New Age Blackjack is the greatest breakthrough for Blackjack players since the discovery of basic strategy.

Playing Craps, we incorporate Advantage Dice Control (ADC) which is the highest Craps for profits methodology ever created for the game of Craps.

The human factor involved, is we set and toss the dice to the same landing zone with the probability of getting the results we’re looking for. By duplicating our process, we’re not random anymore, and you’re on your way to being a “Consistent Winner”.


It’s our choice, we choose the team we feel will win the game based on the statistics and strength of the team and their starting pitcher, the quarter back or goalie. By our study, we know who the good teams are and who the bad teams are. Your picks will be generally on point. GP Sports Betting, for 2023 has dominated the NBA, NHL, MLB & NFL.

When you can add and implement the “Human factor” as another player advantage, you now have added more profits to your game.