Advantage Dice Control

The highest profit Craps methodology ever created!

What if you could walk up to the Craps table knowing that you have the edge. You pick up the dice and throw number after number without throwing a seven!

Or what if you knew you could roll a field number 2 out of every 3 rolls? Could you make a small fortune? Or a hop bet that pays 15 or 30 to 1 that you will be able to roll over and over again.

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“Advantage Dice Control” system will be a major break through in the hands of my students, and your winnings will skyrocket!

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Here’s what’s up:
  • 25 pages Instructional Manual
  • Instructional DVD
  • Unlimited Support and Training
  • How to Practice
  • Set of Regulation Dice
  • Dice Sets – Dice Grips – Dice Throws
  • 15% Advantage Over the House
  • Five Winning Playing & Betting Methods customized for you
You’ll learn why my unique methods of play combined with my betting strategies will change your approach to dice setting forever. It is not enough, just knowing how to play, I will teach you “why” along with the “how” to be a consistent winner! I TRAIN WINNERS Remember – luck comes and goes Knowledge stays forever I’ll hold nothing back. How much would you pay to have an income for life?

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The price is a drop in the bucket, compared to what you will win. The dice control revolution is now accepted and in full swing I invite you to come along for the ride. “Advantage Dice Control” (ADC) will skyrocket your winnings.

"Seeing is Believing"

THE PRECISION SHOOTER: Winning Dice Setting – Rhythm Roller

Learn how to roll the dice. The Advantage Shooter arranges the dice (dice setting) to a specific “set”. He knows that a particular dice set will give him a higher occurrence of numbers vs. the seven.

The Advantage Shooter grips the dice in such a way that he/she will have full control of the dice through the entire motion of his arm and wrist movement up until the point when he releases the dice. The use of different grips in craps is exactly the same as grip variations in baseball such as the fast-ball, sinking-ball, etc. All demanding different grips on different parts of the baseball. Professional baseball pitchers don’t just randomly throw the ball forward. They grip and throw the ball for the results they want to achieve. We do the same thing when we grip and toss the dice.

The Advantage Shooter aims the dice to a specific spot on the table, and throws the dice without too much force. A consistent throw, whether in baseball, bowling, or craps, is your path to profits and success using dice setting techniques.

While using Advantage Dice Control you will carefully observes the outcome of the roll. You will know from previous experience that you will throw a heavier proportion of some numbers compared to others. You will use this knowledge, and bet to take maximum advantage of those numbers as they are rolled. (Your dominate numbers).

The Advantage Shooter understands the dice and what they are doing, their randomness, and the effect of dice setting can have on de-randomizing the outcomes of his rolls. Learn how to roll the dice and watch your profits soar.

This is the highest profit craps methodology ever created!

Be skeptical, that's okay... then be amazed!

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