New Age Blackjack

The Greatest Breakthrough for Blackjack players since the discovery of basic strategy!

NEW AGE BLACKJACK is so revolutionary of a strategy that novice players will use it to master the game and veteran players will consider previous Blackjack methods outdated.

NEW AGE BLACKJACK takes the guesswork out of counting cards and betting. You do not need to work with conversions, side count of Aces or any other intricate charts or graphs. This system is powerful, fairly simple to lean and will win 98% of the time.

It’s terrible to sit down at the Blackjack table and watch people throw their money away without the slightest chance of winning. They sit at the tables confused and bewildered like lambs awaiting the slaughter.

New Age Blackjack is a sophisticated and powerful strategy, yet simple to learn:
  • Sophisticated–it is one of the most advanced professional Blackjack systems available in the world today.
  • Powerful — it enables you to consistently beat blackjack live or online and win nine out of ten playing sessions.
  • Simple To Learn — play single deck Blackjack, double deck Blackjack, or the shoe game.

New Age Blackjack has never been published, is unknown to the casinos, and generates maximum profits of $100.00 to $1000.00 per day. New Age Blackjack is the first system in years that has radically changed the approach to beating the game. We do it by accepting the fact that the dealer will win more hands than the player. Losing more hands than the dealer doesn’t mean you will lose money; you will consistently beat the dealer and make money. New Age Blackjack's unique way of playing goes unnoticed by the casino and all but eliminates the likelihood of being barred or harassed by them. It is not hard to learn, but it does require time, effort and desire. Tony Leo will personally teach you to play as well as he does providing you are willing to put forth the right kind of effort. In any event, whatever is involved will be more than justified by the end result. You will learn methods not found in any book or YouTube video. Learn to play New Age BlackJack and you will have another income stream you never had.

Each student will be required to play and record their practice hands of blackjack along with various drills and exercises. The win/loss results of those practice hands will be your eyeball verification the system does everything it is supposed to do and you will be armed with that knowledge before wagering a single dollar in a casino.

New Age Blackjack has been developed over thousands of hands of actual play to beat casinos under casino conditions and not computers under ideal conditions. You will be able to play faster than any dealer in the world can Deal!

I will teach you in a single day everything you need to know about blackjack and card counting. We will go through it together step-by-step, until you have mastered the system. As well as learning the system, we will also be covering numerous other related subjects. Some of the topics we will cover will include:

  • Why Blackjack can be consistently beaten
  • Win with or without counting cards
  • Five Unique Blackjack betting strategy’s (win $100 to 1,000 per day)
  • Money management – play conservative or aggressive
  • Playing blackjack for a living & making more money than you can imagine.
  • Getting VIP treatment and comps
  • Play Super Fun 21 and expand your advantage

The fee for the entire course is $597. It includes your textbook and all drills, exercises, and other valuable information, your open line to me and our visit in Las Vegas. There are no hidden charges. No matter how long you might study with me, or how many times you may wish to consult me in the future, you never pay me another dime for this course.

I know that you will not find a better blackjack system for sale anywhere at any cost. After playing for a while and moving to the larger tables you will see this as the best investment you’ve ever made.

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